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IEEFA Analysis: If Utah Commits to Proposed $53 Million Oakland Port Subsidy, It’s Buying a Pig in a Poke

Could There Be a Worse Time to Invest in Deteriorating Coal Markets?

A bill being seriously considered by the Utah State Legislature this week seeks in essence to finance a backdoor subsidy for a coal export terminal in California whose construction could well leave Utah taxpayers on the hook for a highly questionable and highly speculative $53 million out-of-state subsidy. The proposed law, which exists now as SB0246, is […]

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Oakland’s Proposed Coal-Export Expansion Is Fraught With Risk

Oakland’s Proposed Coal-Export Expansion Is Fraught With Risk

Red Flags in a Global Downturn, a Struggling Coal Producer and a State Guarantee

We’re presenting testimony to the Oakland City Council today that questions the wisdom of a proposal to expand the Port of Oakland’s coal-export capacity at the Oakland Army Base Redevelopment project. The deal being considered raises several red flags. First, the developer is taking a major financial risk by relying so much on coal in […]

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Oakland Council Blocks Utah Coal Port Scheme

Rachel Swan for the San Francisco Chronicle: The Oakland City Council voted unanimously Monday to block the handling and storage of coal in Oakland, effectively halting a developer’s controversial plan to ship coal from the port. Hundreds of people crowded City Hall — and demonstrated outside — as seven council members weighed the proposal by […]

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‘Ethical and Political Red Flags’ in Utah-California Coal-Export Deal

From the Associated Press: Groups are calling for a federal investigation into Utah’s plans to invest $53 million in a proposed expansion of a California port to export coal to Asia. The funds from federal mineral royalties are intended for local public works projects, but would instead be loaned to four counties for the proposed […]

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Why Utah’s Coal Port Investment in Oakland Is So Suspect

Why Utah’s Coal Port Investment in Oakland Is So Suspect

A Backdoor Tax Increase Absent Normal Oversight 

This week we signed onto a letter asking for a federal review of the odd transaction that diverts $53 million in Utah taxpayer dollars to a port expansion 730 miles away in California. It’s a letter well worth expounding on. Here goes. While environmentalists are opposed to the project for its climate-change and pollution effects, […]

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Groups Seek Federal Inquiry Into Utah-Oakland Coal-Export Subsidy

From KSL News (Salt Lake City): Environmental groups and other organizations sent a letter Monday asking U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and other high-ranking federal officials to investigate a $53 million investment in a proposed coal shipping terminal in Oakland, California. The letter was written on behalf of the Center for Biological Diversity, Living Rivers […]

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On the Blogs: Groups Call for U.S. Inquiry Into Utah-Oakland Port Project

From YubaNet (Nevada City, Calif.): Conservation, health, and good government groups today sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch calling for a formal investigation into potential legal and ethical violations in Utah’s extraordinary $53 million taxpayer-funded loan to build a deepwater terminal in Oakland, Calif., to export coal. The letter, which also was […]

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California Lawmakers Call for Environmental Review of Proposed Oakland Coal Export Terminal

Rachel Swan for the San Francisco Chronicle: The state Senate on Wednesday passed a bill to require environmental reviews for a controversial plan to ship coal by rail through Oakland, which has pitted legislators in Sacramento against a developer who is closely connected to Gov. Jerry Brown. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, […]

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Editorial: A Train-Load of Trouble Rolls Toward Oakland

From the San Francisco Chronicle: The plan to ship 9 million tons of coal annually through West Oakland must be stopped. It’s bad enough that it’s environmentally threatening, fiscally dubious, and the product of duplicity and political chicanery. Even worse is the fact that a significant amount of public money is being invested in this […]

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Many Barriers to Utah Coal-Export Scheme

Brian Maffly for the Salt Lake Tribune: The Utah Legislature last week approved a $53 million investment in an Oakland, Calif., export terminal, but the state’s coal-shipping aspirations may still be just a dream. So far, Utah is the only entity that may pledge money toward building a $275 million bulk-freight terminal at the deep-water […]

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Calling for a Federal Inquiry on Link Between Campaign Donations and Utah’s $53 Million Coal-Port Payout

A Commodity-Speculation Scheme That Could Not Find Private-Sector Support

The Utah Legislature has approved a $53 million payment toward development of a Port of Oakland expansion (more than 700 miles away) ostensibly so that coal mined in Utah can be shipped overseas. Here’s the problem with the deal: Coal-export markets off the U.S. West Coast will remain deeply dismal for the foreseeable future. The […]

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Utah’s Folly

William Yardley for the L.A. Times: Environmentalists and energy experts have been saying it for a while now. So have private investors and federal regulators. Lawmakers across the West are increasingly saying it, too: The reign of King Coal is over. Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon just signed into law a measure that would eliminate […]

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