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IEEFA Analysis: If Utah Commits to Proposed $53 Million Oakland Port Subsidy, It’s Buying a Pig in a Poke

Could There Be a Worse Time to Invest in Deteriorating Coal Markets?

A bill being seriously considered by the Utah State Legislature this week seeks in essence to finance a backdoor subsidy for a coal export terminal in California whose construction could well leave Utah taxpayers on the hook for a highly questionable and highly speculative $53 million out-of-state subsidy. The proposed law, which exists now as SB0246, is […]

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Oakland’s Proposed Coal-Export Expansion Is Fraught With Risk

Oakland’s Proposed Coal-Export Expansion Is Fraught With Risk

Red Flags in a Global Downturn, a Struggling Coal Producer and a State Guarantee

We’re presenting testimony to the Oakland City Council today that questions the wisdom of a proposal to expand the Port of Oakland’s coal-export capacity at the Oakland Army Base Redevelopment project. The deal being considered raises several red flags. First, the developer is taking a major financial risk by relying so much on coal in […]

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IEEFA U.S.: Bankruptcy of Oakland project marks a bellwether moment for U.S. coal export ambitions

IEEFA U.S.: Bankruptcy of Oakland project marks a bellwether moment for U.S. coal export ambitions

Long-simmering initiative to send Utah product to Asia is dead

A long-shot proposal to send coal 700 miles overland from Utah to Oakland for transoceanic shipment to Asian markets is dead.  A U.S. bankruptcy judge in Kentucky last week approved a plan by the proposed project’s major creditor, Autumn Wind Lending LLC, to take over a sublease at the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal (OBOT) […]

California AG Sides With Oakland in Refusal to Allow Kentucky-Utah Coal-Export Scheme to Proceed

East Bay Times: State Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed a brief in support of the city’s ban on the storage and handling of coal and petroleum coke in Oakland. The city ordinance was passed in July 2016, effectively killing plans to transport the ore through a lpanned terminal near the Port of Oakland, on a […]

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Developer Continues to Push for a Coal-Export Terminal in Oakland

Darwin BondGraham for the East Bay Express: The City of Oakland filed a motion in federal court today asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit aimed at neutralizing the city’s recently enacted ban on the storage and handling of coal. Oakland was sued in December by developer Phil Tagami and his company, the Oakland Bulk […]

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Oakland Coal-Export Developer Sues to Overturn Ban on Terminal Buildout

Bob Egelko for the San Francisco Chronicle: The would-be shipper of coal from the Port of Oakland, a company controlled by a longtime friend of Gov. Jerry Brown, has sued Oakland for outlawing coal handling and storage within its borders, saying the ban interferes with interstate commerce and with federal authority over the transportation of […]

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Utah’s Oakland Coal-Export Folly Sunk by Community Opposition and Market Forces

Utah’s Oakland Coal-Export Folly Sunk by Community Opposition and Market Forces

Bell Tolls for a Controversial Proposal That Created Political Fanfare in Two States

A sketchy deal that would have led to construction of a new seaside terminal in Oakland, California, to export coal from Utah—the focus of great political fanfare in both states just a year ago—looks like it’s now dead for good. Public opposition to the project, and exposure of political machinations that didn’t pass the smell […]

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California Bars State Money From Going to Coal-Export Terminals

Anne C. Mulkern for E&E: California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill Friday aimed at cutting coal exports from the Golden State. It blocks the California Transportation Commission from giving state funds to any new transport terminal “that stores, handles, or transports coal in bulk.” “Action on multiple fronts will be needed to transition […]

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California Senate Moves to Ensure Ban on Coal-Export Terminal

Richard Kuykendall for SNL: The California State Senate approved a bill that would halt future state funding for export projects that would allow coal to be shipped or exported through California. State Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Oakland, introduced the bill in reaction to a proposed development project in Oakland that would export up to 10 million […]

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Utah Counties Drop Bid to Put $53 Million in Public Funds Into California Coal-Export Project

Lee Davidson for the Salt Lake Tribune: Four rural Utah counties on Thursday withdrew their application to invest $53 million of public money in an Oakland, Calif., deep-water port —­ a project they’ve seen as a way to open up new export markets for Utah coal. The move appears more technical than a sign they’ve […]

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Of Seven New U.S. Coal-Export Terminals Planned in the Past Five Years, None Has Opened

Timothy Puko and Erica E. Phillips for the Wall Street Journal: Western coal producers once saw exports to Asia as their future. For many, that dream is fading. A global glut has flooded overseas markets that were once expected to buy coal produced along a belt stretching from Utah to Montana that includes the Powder […]

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Editorial: A Better Way to Spend Utah Tax Dollars

A vote of the Oakland City Council to bar shipments of coal through the city on the way to port has virtually derailed plans to market millions of tons of Utah coal to potential overseas customers. At the same time, Rocky Mountain Power, long a champion of coal-fired electricity, is now pushing programs to offer […]

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