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IEEFA Indonesia: 2019 energy plan falls short

State utility electricity strategy makes little practical provision for renewables

The much-anticipated Indonesian Electricity Supply Business Plan 2019 (RUPTL) was released last week—surprising the market both with its early delivery and façade of support for more renewables. At a press conference, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) Ignasius Jonan framed a greener narrative for the new RUPTL, positioning it as an electricity plan that […]

IEEFA Energy Finance 2016: Utility Companies Are Fighting Tooth and Nail Against Rooftop Solar

Panelists at Energy Finance 2016 this afternoon described how utility companies are battling frantically to stop the spread of rooftop solar. George Cavros of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy said solar proponents nonetheless have attracted a broad coalition of supporters that cross traditional political lines. Cavros said a ballot initiative in Florida to protect […]

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IEEFA Energy Finance 2016: Utilities ‘Fearful of Somebody Getting Between Them and Their Customers’

A Moody’s Investor Services executive said today that that U.S. electricity-generation industry faces broad disruptions driven by the rise of new technology, more environmental regulation and an inexorable march toward less carbon-intensive production. “The transition to to a low-carbon future is well under way in the regulated utility industry,” said Jim Hempstead, associate managing director […]

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IEEFA Energy Finance 2016: Renewables: ‘Still a Lot of Work to Be Done on Storage and on New Business Models’

Daniel Firger, who leads global work on climate change and clean energy for Bloomberg Philanthropies and who moderated an afternoon discussion today on clean energy finance, posed the question: “With advocates pushing for more clean energy on the grid, what really is going to drive additional renewable energy project development in the U.S. in the next […]

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IEEFA Energy Finance 2016: Progress Toward Integrating Renewable Energy Into the Grid

Renewable energy advocates everywhere are grappling with the challenge of how to integrate energy generated from wind and solar into existing power grids. As moderator Suzanne Mattei, an IEEFA board member, put it in a morning panel at Energy Finance 2016 today, “You can make all the energy you want, but if you can’t get […]

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IEEFA Energy Finance 2016: Publicize Numbers, Ask Embarrassing Questions, Shoot for the Business Pages

IEEFA Energy Finance 2016: Publicize Numbers, Ask Embarrassing Questions, Shoot for the Business Pages

Making the ‘Dollars and Sense’ Arguments for Energy Transition

A standing-room-only audience was on hand to hear boots-on-the-ground stories during IEEFA Energy 2016 on how activists can turn to corporate finance and economics to force corporate transparency and accountability. Nityanand Jayaraman, leader of the South India-based Chennai Solidarity Group, said raising questions in the minds of potential electricity-industry investors can keep questionable projects from proceeding […]

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IEEFA Energy Finance 2016: ‘End Game’ for Coal Imports in India

Jai Sharda, a Mumbai-based IEEFA energy consultant, said in an afternoon presentation at Energy Finance 2016 that the government of India will probably achieve its goals of doubling wind-energy capacity by 2021 and increasing solar-energy capacity 10-fold by then. Sharda said the rapid rise of renewables combined with policy shifts at the government-owned Coal—including “huge growth […]

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IEEFA Energy Finance 2016: China Intent on Coal-Industry Reduction

IEEFA Energy Finance 2016: China Intent on Coal Industry Reduction

China will stand its stated intentions to scale down its coal industry, Fergus Greene, a policy analyst with the London School of Economics, said Monday afternoon in a presentation at Energy Finance 2016. Greene noted that the Chinese economy has grown less “energy intensive,” as its economy has evolved away from heavy industry toward service-sector […]

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IEEFA Energy Finance 2016: India Solar Expansion Gaining Momentum

IEEFA analysts Tim Buckley and Jai Sharda began IEEFA’s Energy Finance 2016 conference in New York this morning with a report suggesting that India’s rapid solar-industry expansion reflects policy and market changes that will dictate the country’s energy development for generations to come. Buckley said the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking the […]

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Data Bite: China’s Unwinding From Coal

Electricity-Sector Transformation Accelerates in the First Two Months of 2016

New data shows China’s electricity-sector transformation accelerating in the first two months of 2016. While electricity consumption was up just 0.3% year on year (yoy) to 870TWh for the January-February period, coal imports fell 10.2%i and coal production declined 6.4%. Thermal power generation (coal and gas) was down 4.3% yoy to 679TWh for the first […]

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