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IEEFA Analysis: The Economic Frailties and Rickety Finances Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline

IEEFA Analysis: The Economic Frailties and Rickety Finances Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline

Shippers Are in a Position Now to Renegotiate Contracts; Oil Prices Have Tanked Since Deals Were Signed; Long-Term Outlook for Project is Deeply Uncertain

Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has sparked considerable public controversy, bringing national attention to issues that include tribal sovereignty and risks to drinking water. Less publicized are the project’s financial weaknesses, and the fact the pipeline may represent a substantial overbuilding of the Bakken’s oil-transport infrastructure. The report that we released today in partnership […]

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IEEFA update: Another pipeline tripped up by failure to obtain a Clean Water Act approval

State action thwarts another U.S. federal effort to expand fossil fuel-burning as financial realities and alternative solutions embolden a North Carolina agency

While the debate rages over the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a large proposed extension has just hit a brick wall.   The main Mountain Valley Pipeline, which would run 303 miles from West Virginia to Pittsylvania County in Virginia, is not yet fully built. Construction was speeding along until a U.S. appeals court ruled that it had […]

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IEEFA Energy Finance Conference 2020 roundup: Local leadership, global change

IEEFA Energy Finance Conference 2020 roundup: Local leadership, global change

Business case for renewables-based economic development grows stronger by the day

The transition to renewable energy is frequently advocated on environmental grounds, but the financial case for moving away from fossil fuels is becoming undeniably clear, according to experts speaking during the final week of IEEFA’s 2020 Energy Finance Conference (July 14-30). The annual meeting of international energy, finance and policy experts, which was offered online […]

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Atlantic Coast, Keystone XL, Dakota Access — for pipeline companies, winning ain’t what it used to be

Project cancellations highlight larger stressors in the oil and gas industry

If you are a pipeline developer, landmark court victories just aren’t what they used to be. Dominion Energy and Duke Energy announced on Sunday that they are canceling their proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline just 20 days after they won a 7-2 decision in the U.S. Supreme Court authorizing them to build the pipeline underneath the Appalachian Trail. […]


IEEFA update: Three major pipeline projects are scrapped in short order

Popular opposition, financial realities and alternative solutions spell defeat for multi-billion-dollar plans

Difficult and complex decisions are being made to reject the buildout of oil and gas pipelines in the United States and Canada. Long-term debates have finally come to a head, and three major pipeline projects have been halted as a result.  The companies that planned to build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline recently threw in the […]

Gas pipeline setbacks pushing U.S. utilities to embrace renewables, analysts say

Greentech Media: Legal challenges halted several major pipeline projects across the U.S. in recent days, underscoring a seismic shift facing the U.S. utility industry: the rise of renewables as a potentially less costly and risky alternative to fossil fuels. Over the weekend Dominion Energy and Duke Energy, two of the country’s biggest utilities, canceled their Atlantic […]

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Court scraps permit, orders closure of Dakota Access Pipeline pending full environmental review

CNBC: A federal court ruled Monday that the Dakota Access Pipeline must shut down within 30 days, by Aug. 5, according to a copy of the brief obtained by USA Today. The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia scrapped a key permit from the Army Corps of Engineers, and ordered the pipeline to […]

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IEEFA Update: Something in the Wind

U.S. Nuclear Industry Reconsiders Expansion; Utility Exec Sees Less Risk in Turbine Farm Than Coal; Keystone XL Doesn’t Pencil Out Anymore

It’s de rigueur anymore for energy companies across the board to play up their clean-energy commitments—actual or just advertised—but executives at American Electric Power put some of their money where their mouths were in announcing intentions last week to invest $4.5 billion in the new Wind Catcher farm in Oklahoma. AEP’s logic is rooted in […]

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Economics May Kill Long-Delayed Keystone XL Pipeline

Associated Press: The proposed Keystone XL pipeline survived nine years of protests, lawsuits and political wrangling that saw the Obama administration reject it and President Donald Trump revive it, but now the project faces the possibility of death by economics. Low oil prices and the high cost of extracting Canadian crude from oil sands are […]

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On the Blogs: Setbacks for Pipeline Developer ETP on Numerous Projects

Motley Fool: Energy Transfer Partners’ (NYSE:ETP) has had its share of difficulties over the past year. The headliner was the problems it faced in building the Dakota Access Pipeline, which endured several months of setbacks due to protests that caused a delay in getting a key permit. While that project finally entered service last month, […]

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Court Order Puts Dakota Access Pipeline Back on Hold

Reuters: A federal judge ordered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to reconsider its environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline on Wednesday, opening up the possibility that the line could be shut at a later date. U.S. District Judge James Boasberg in Washington said the Army Corps did not adequately consider the effects of […]

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