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IEEFA Australia: Energy Security Board reforms need to be ambitious to secure a low emissions future

IEEFA Australia: Energy Security Board reforms need to be ambitious to secure a low emissions future

ESB reform direction updated to incorporate stakeholder feedback and state government renewables investment schemes

The national electricity market (NEM) is in a state of flux. According to the Australian government’s Energy Security Board (ESB), over 60% of existing thermal generating resources (mainly coal) in the NEM are likely to exit over the next two decades as Australia transitions towards renewable generation (mainly wind and solar) and storage. This transition […]

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IEEFA update: New solar energy plan for Bangladesh provides solutions to overcapacity, energy security and rising costs

IEEFA update: New solar energy plan for Bangladesh provides solutions to overcapacity, energy security and rising costs

A shift in focus to renewables would help to reduce the need for power subsidies or tariff increases

A new National Solar Energy Action Plan that has reportedly been drafted by SREDA – the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority – could be a significant and timely turnaround in Bangladesh’s renewable energy ambition. The report is coming at a time when Bangladesh is considering abandoning further coal-fired power development which has become increasingly […]

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Utilities, states question administration’s revised carbon dioxide rule

S&P Global Market Intelligence ($): The Trump administration’s replacement for the Clean Power Plan has generally been seen as positive for the U.S. coal sector, but states and utilities have expressed concerns about compliance with the rule in comments published ahead of an Oct. 31 deadline. The Affordable Clean Energy, or ACE, rule focuses on […]

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IEEFA Update: Coal Is Dying, and EPA’s Clean Power Plan Reversal Can’t Save It

Energy Policy From Washington Drifts Toward Irrelevance

By turning the clock back on American energy policy through reversal of the Clean Power Plan, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt — if he succeeds — will end up making electricity for everyday Americans more expensive. And as power bills rise so will the coal industry’s harmful impacts public health and the environment. I say “if […]

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Analysis: U.S. Renewables Expansion to Continue

Bloomberg New Energy Finance: President Donald Trump’s signing last Tuesday of an Executive Order to effectively nullify the U.S. Clean Power Plan signals the new administration’s support for the coal industry and intention to turns its back on Obama-era climate change efforts. However, the move “won’t derail U.S. decarbonization” due to the plummeting cost of […]

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U.S. Drop in Coal Usage Exceeds Expectations Envisioned in EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Annalee Grant for SNL: In proposing the Clean Power Plan, the U.S. EPA envisioned a future in which coal was still king among generation fuels until at least 2020. But the actual generation mix for 2015 shows a present in which natural gas has stolen coal’s crown five years before the carbon-cutting rule for fossil […]

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Research Note: How Difficult Would It Be to Turn Back the EPA’s Clean Power Plan?

From UBS: CPP can be changed under Trump, but lots of hoops to jump through We held our latest conference call with Tom Lorenzen of Crowell & Morning to analyze what could happen to the Clean Power Plan putting a deeper context on the back of the latest election results. Mr. Lorenzen has over a […]

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On the Blogs: Trump Runs Risk of Suffering LBJ-Like ‘Credibility Gap’ on Energy Markets

John H. Cushman Jr. for InsideClimate News: Judging by the brief discussion of energy policy on Donald Trump’s White House transition website, what he’d like to change about the Obama approach is everything. Presented below are our expectations for Trump’s Top Ten list—along with some evidence about how complicated it might be to achieve these […]

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Op-Ed: The EPA’s Clean Power Plan Has Proven Itself Already

William D. Ruckelshaus and William K. Reilly: Predictably, the plan has run into a determined legal assault from businesses, industry groups and more than two dozen states, many with economies that rely on coal mining or coal-fired electricity generation, and its fate now lies with the judicial branch. On Tuesday, the United States Court of […]

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On the Blogs: An Electricity Transformation Across the U.S.

Martha Roberts and Charlie Jiang for A power sector transformation is happening now because low-carbon energy is tremendously cost-effective. Prudent investments in clean energy are helping to create cleaner air and shared prosperity — and they’re also further demonstrating that the Clean Power Plan targets are eminently achievable, and that the rule’s approach builds […]

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