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IEEFA: High credit ratings of China’s state-owned enterprise underplays risk

IEEFA: High credit ratings of China’s state-owned enterprise underplays risk

Energy giant CHG's coal power business faces numerous challenges

China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd (CHG) is one of the biggest coal power businesses in the world with over 100 gigawatts (GW) of coal-fired power capacity. Like many of its Chinese peers, CHG is also cash hungry. The company has been actively raising new debt including a USD 500 million perpetual bond in December 2020 […]

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IEEFA India: The false promise of ‘second life’ coal

India risks Rs4 trillion new investment in yet more stranded fossil fuel assets

Federal Home Minister Amit Shah’s suggestion that India should invest 4 trillion rupees (US$55billion) in expanding new and existing coal mines, as well as high-risk, speculative, domestic ‘clean coal’ projects over the next decade to create a hoped for ‘second life’ is, in our view, entirely inconsistent with the country’s policy direction and ignores the […]

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IEEFA update: Southeast Asian nations face a simple choice – lock in costly coal or invest in renewables

Market design failures and poorly conceived incentives burden consumers with high power prices and unstable supply

Southeast Asia is young. Its median age is under 30, and its demand for energy has grown by 60% in the last 15 years and is likely to continue growing twice as fast as other regions. But as this youthful population moves into leadership positions, they will see that incentive and market design failures in […]

IEEFA update: There is no such thing as clean coal, Mr. Fink

BlackRock’s CEO continues to advocate chasing a rainbow for investors

The world’s largest investment firm BlackRock made headlines in January 2020 with an announcement suggesting it was finally retreating from investment in thermal coal. Kudos given where kudos is due. This was an albeit late but excellent series of steps to move towards an alignment with the Paris Agreement by the world’s most powerful financial […]

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IEEFA op ed: China’s “clean” coal technology dream describes a problem, not a solution

China should lock in real gains for its economy and set the standard on clean energy

China is a global technological leader in renewable energy and is the world’s largest consumer of solar power. Both of these accomplishments came after Chinese policy leaders realized that coal-fired power generation stood in the way of cleaner skies and lower cost power. Yet in October, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang renewed focus on what the […]

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Sources say Chinese regulators to limit use of green bonds for ‘clean coal’ projects

Reuters: Chinese regulators are close to releasing new “green bond” standards that would exclude polluting fossil fuel projects from corporate financing channels designed to lift environmental standards, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. Beijing has in recent years promoted new green financing methods to help industry pay for its transition to cleaner modes of […]

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China disqualifies ‘clean coal’ technology from green bond funding

Environmental Finance: China will axe ‘clean coal’ from its green bond guidelines, in a move that will see its definition of green align more closely with the Climate Bond Standards and the consensus of opinions in the West. Geoffrey Choi, financial services assurance leader for the Asia Pacific region at EY, said at the Asian […]

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‘Clean coal’ projects not so clean after all, analysis finds

Reuters: Champions of coal say the superabundant fossil fuel can be made environmentally friendlier by refining it with chemicals – a “clean coal” technology backed by a billion dollars in U.S. government tax subsidies annually. But refined coal has a dirty secret. It regularly fails to deliver on its environmental promises, as electric giant Duke […]

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EU review shows carbon capture R&D funding failed

Quartz: In a report to be published later today, the European Court of Auditors will say that the EU spent more than €424 million ($486 million) over the past decade fruitlessly trying to establish carbon-capture technology. The EU considers the technology crucial to hit its climate goals, which will require the union’s member states to […]

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Plug Pulled on Long-Delayed Clean Coal Project In Australia

The Sydney Morning-Herald: The last of a long list of government-backed “clean coal” projects has fallen over, with the Andrews government reluctantly confirming the end of a $90 million program announced amid much fanfare six years ago. After days of pressing by The Age, Treasurer Tim Pallas’ department issued a statement announcing the conclusion of the […]

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