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IEEFA Australia: COVID-19 Advisory Board wants government to subsidise failing gas industry

IEEFA Australia: COVID-19 Advisory Board wants government to subsidise failing gas industry

Gas usage for gas powered generation has declined by 58% since 2014

28 August 2020 (IEEFA Australia): Proposals for providing long term subsidies to the flailing gas industry have the potential to cause significant long-term economic damage to Australia, finds a new report by energy thinktank, the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). The National COVID-19 Commission (Advisory Board) (NCC) led by Western Australian gas […]

IEEFA: 50 new green hydrogen projects show Europe, Australia, Asia are lead players but US$75 billion in costs and government inaction could create delays

The green hydrogen industry needs more government backing to reach demand goals

24 August 2020 (IEEFA): The renewable rich green hydrogen industry is accelerating with 50 new projects announced in the last year including five just last month, but a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) finds the pace is not fast enough to meet global energy demand, with massive capital […]

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IEEFA: Australia’s gas industry was already failing before COVID-19

A gas-led recovery is a short-term recovery and only for the gas industry

4 June 2020 (IEEFA Australia) ‒ Instituting a structurally broken U.S. business model as Australia enters the first recession in 30 years will cause the country even more pain as lockdown eases, finds a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), Gas Cannot Stimulate the Economy, Reduce Emissions, or Provide […]

IEEFA: Volkswagen lied about emissions from their vehicles, and the gas industry is also lying about their emissions

5 March 2020 (IEEFA Australia): The gas industry is misleading government, investors, customers and the broader population about the amount of carbon dioxide and methane emissions being released during production, supply and distribution of both conventional or ‘natural’ gas and its product for export – liquefied natural gas (LNG), finds a new report out today […]

IEEFA report: Gas reservation policy would reduce electricity prices in Australia

IEEFA report: Gas reservation policy would reduce electricity prices in Australia

Households to save $270 per year if the government finally intervenes and breaks up the cartel

July 9, 2019 (IEEFA Australia)  ̶  Domestic gas prices in Australia have become unaffordable for households, industry, and electricity production, while internationally, Australian gas prices are higher than the most expensive markets in the world, concludes a new report out today. Calling on the Australian government to implement a gas reservation policy, the new report, […]

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Rio Tinto plans $7.5 billion investment in wind and solar power by 2030

Renew Economy: Mining giant Rio Tinto has unveiled plans for massive investments in wind and solar, including up to 5GW (5,000MW) for its Boyne Island and Tomago smelters and another 1GW for its huge iron ore mines in the Pilbara in Western Australia. The projects were unveiled as part of Rio Tinto’s newly announced plans […]

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IEEFA Australia: The Energy Security Board’s dubious modelling

IEEFA Australia: The Energy Security Board’s dubious modelling

The capacity payment modelling doesn’t actually model a capacity payment

Australia’s Energy Minister Angus Taylor has been keenly promoting to media outlets that consumers will save $1.3 billion dollars from a proposal that will require those consumers to pay conventional power generators not just for the actual electricity they produce, but also an extra fee for the size of their power plants’ generating capacity, irrespective […]

Chevron admits failure of $3 billion CCS facility in Western Australia

Renew Economy: The operator of Australia’s only commercial-scale carbon capture and storage project has conceded the project has failed to meet its targets, and is now seeking a deal with Western Australian regulators on how to make up for millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide it failed to store. On Monday, Chevron announced that it […]

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AEMO head plans for main grids to handle 100% renewables by 2025

Renew Economy: The newly appointed head of the Australian Energy Market Operator says he wants the country’s main grids to be able to handle periods of 100 per cent renewable energy penetration by 2025. In his first speech since taking up the role in mid-May, Daniel Westerman will plead for the industry to work together, […]

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World’s largest green energy hub pitched for Western Australia

Renew Economy: The world’s biggest renewable energy hub – comprising an astonishing 50 gigawatts of wind and solar capacity – has been proposed for the southern coast of Western Australia to create millions of tonnes of green hydrogen for use in Australia and for export. The chief proponents are Australia’s CWP Global and Hong Kong-based […]

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Alinta plans WA solar+battery farm to set new benchmarks for Australia

Renew Economy: Energy utility Alinta has unveiled plans for a 90MW solar farm and a four-hour big battery near Port Hedland in Western Australia, part of a major new power play that will set new benchmarks for solar and battery storage   in Australia. The plans are for a 90MW solar farm near Port Hedland […]

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Australia rejects planned 26GW renewable energy hub

Bloomberg ($): One of the world’s biggest fossil fuels exporters rejected a proposal to build a massive renewable energy hub over concern about its environmental impact. The Asian Renewable Energy Hub, which planned 26-gigawatts of wind and solar generation to produce hydrogen and ammonia, would have disrupted tidal movements and impacted the habitats and lifecycle […]

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Even with NSW decline, Australia rooftop solar on pace for record 2021

Renew Economy: Australia’s rooftop solar market has dusted itself off after a holiday-related dip in April to chart a more than 5 per cent month-on-month increase and a much more impressive 24% lead over the same time last year for registered volume. All up at the end of May the total installed for 2021 so […]

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Oman plans shift to build one of largest green hydrogen plants in world

The Guardian: Oman is planning to build one of the largest green hydrogen plants in the world in a move to make the oil-producing nation a leader in renewable energy technology. Construction is scheduled to start in 2028 in Al Wusta governorate on the Arabian Sea. It will be built in stages, with the aim […]

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U.K. firm Australis proposes 300MW offshore wind farm in Western Australia

Renew Economy: Plans to build a $1 billion, 300MW offshore wind farm in Western Australian waters around 140km south of Perth, and have it generating electricity by the summer of 2026, have been submitted for state environmental approval. The project was referred to the WA Environmental Protection Authority this week by Australis Energy, a UK-based […]

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