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IEEFA Australia: Investing in renewable energy will repower aluminium and heavy industry sectors

IEEFA Australia: Investing in renewable energy will repower aluminium and heavy industry sectors

Study shows Gladstone’s aluminium smelter crucial in decarbonisation and jobs drive

15 September 2020 (IEEFA Australia) – Australia’s failing aluminium sector could move to low-cost, zero-emissions electricity and invest in plant modernisation to support demand response management supplying local heavy industry, according to a new report from the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). Putting a lens on the industrial energy demand hub of […]

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IEEFA report: Transition planning a must as South Africa’s export markets pivot away from thermal coal

New energy technology replacing coal-fired power faster than predicted

16 September 2019 (IEEFA South Africa) ‒ South African coal exports are approaching long-term decline, finds a new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) out today. Author of the report Simon Nicholas, energy finance analyst with IEEFA, says the sector needs to come to terms with the prospect of fading […]

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Eskom signs deal with Exxaro and Seriti to add solar to mines

PV-Tech: South African public utility Eskom has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with mining companies Exxaro and Seriti Resources to help decarbonise their operations by deploying solar PV. Announced today (25 October), the first phase of the agreement will see the construction of off-grid and wheeled solar solutions both at the mines and at […]

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Rio Tinto plans $7.5 billion investment in wind and solar power by 2030

Renew Economy: Mining giant Rio Tinto has unveiled plans for massive investments in wind and solar, including up to 5GW (5,000MW) for its Boyne Island and Tomago smelters and another 1GW for its huge iron ore mines in the Pilbara in Western Australia. The projects were unveiled as part of Rio Tinto’s newly announced plans […]

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World’s top mining companies pledge net zero emissions by 2050

Reuters: The world’s top miners on Tuesday committed to a goal of net zero direct and indirect carbon emissions by 2050 or sooner, the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) said. “ICMM members’ collective commitment to net zero scope one (direct) and two (indirect) greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is a pivotal moment in […]

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Iron ore giant Fortescue pledges to decarbonize operations by 2040

Renew Economy: Fortescue Metals Group has become one of the first of Australia’s major industrial operators to commit to fully decarbonise its operations and supply chains, including a shift to coal-free steel processing and hydrogen-fuelled shipping. In a statement released to the ASX on Tuesday, the iron ore giant said it would adopt a net […]

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IEEFA Canada: Teck’s possible met coal exit an ominous sign for U.S. coal companies

IEEFA Canada: Teck’s possible met coal exit an ominous sign for U.S. coal companies

Overseas demand, high prices and climate issues give Teck cover for met coal exit

Teck Resources, the Canada-based copper, zinc and coal mining company that is one of the biggest exporters of steelmaking coal in the world, is considering selling or spinning off its metallurgical coal operations, according to a Sept. 14 Bloomberg report. Any divestment of its big coal mines in British Columbia could be a signal that […]

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IEEFA Update: Why Australia is a bigger carbon pariah than we think

IEEFA Update: Why Australia is a bigger carbon pariah than we think

Counting carbon-based exports burned and smelted by others makes Australia the world’s third largest emitter. We can’t disown them as easily as all that.

The Glasgow summit on climate change is looming, and we continue to see Australia pretending to be a small emitter of carbon dioxide on the global stage. It is not by any means. It’s all about Scope III emissions. A subject that Australian governments don’t want to hear about. Both sides of politics are no better […]

AGL selects Wartsila to build first big battery of series at Torrens Island

Renew Economy: Australian energy giant AGL has chosen Finland-based technology group Wärtsilä to build a 250MW big battery at Torrens Island near Adelaide, the first of what is expected to be a massive rollout of large scale battery storage by the company across the country. The 250MW big battery, sized initially at one hour storage […]

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AEMO focuses on battery inverter equivalent of ‘analogue to digital’

Renew Economy: In the electricity world, it’s about as significant as the transition from analogue to digital, and Australia’s market operator has now openly admitted that the key to the country’s “once in a lifetime” energy transition will be found in advanced grid-scale inverters. The Australian Energy Market Operator on Thursday published a “white paper” […]

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Banpu announces end to new coal developments, shift to clean energy

Nikkei Asia: Thailand’s biggest coal producer, Banpu, will no longer start any new coal developments as the company pivots toward green energy, company CEO Somruedee Chaimongkol said in an interview. “We will only produce from our organic reserve that we have,” said Somruedee. “We have no plan to invest more in the coal mine assets.” […]

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Lumea announces plans for first unsubsidized big battery in Australia

Renew Economy: Lumea, the commercial offshoot of transmission company TransGrid, has announced plans for a 300MW big battery in Melbourne that it is describing as a “first of its kind” in Australia because it will be the first to be fully financed without using government funding or contracts. The 300MW battery at the Deer Park […]

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