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IEEFA U.S.: Solar will push much of remaining Texas coal fleet offline

IEEFA U.S.: Solar will push much of remaining Texas coal fleet offline

Growth in utility-scale PV is rapidly changing ERCOT market

July 14, 2020 (IEEFA) — New utility-scale solar is poised to push much of the remaining coal-fired power fleet across Texas into retirement in the next few years, finds a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). The report — Solar Surge Set to Drive Much of Remaining Texas Coal-Fired […]

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PacifiCorp RFP ‘a big deal’ for renewable energy, battery storage developers

Greentech Media: Utility group PacifiCorp is about to open a gusher of opportunity for wind, solar and energy storage developers in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions. Last year utility PacifiCorp finalized a landmark integrated resource plan (IRP) that for the first time envisions it relying on large amounts of wind farms and solar […]

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IEEFA U.S.: Wind farms are forever

IEEFA U.S.: Wind farms are forever

As coal, gas, and nuclear plants struggle to survive, a fast-growing industry digs in

When the Lake Benton II wind farm in southwestern Minnesota was taken offline this past October after 20 years of service, the shutdown made news for its novelty. Wind farms are being built these days, not closed, and Lake Benton II was supposed to last until 2029. AT AROUND THE SAME TIME THAT THE 100-MEGAWATT […]

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PacifiCorp to close Unit 4 at Arizona’s Cholla coal plant in 2020, 15 years early

Associated Press: Oregon-based PacifiCorp has announced plans to close one of the three generators at the Cholla coal-fired power plant in northern Arizona by the end of this year. The remaining two units are scheduled to close in 2025. Cholla Unit 4 is a 395-megawatt coal-fired generator at the Cholla plant in the small town […]

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Colstrip’s new coal supply contract likely to raise price of plant’s electricity generation

Billings Gazette: Colstrip Power Plant will continue receiving coal from Rosebud Mine under a six-year contract signed by all but one of the plant’s owners this wee The contract, five years in the making, was signed with just weeks left on the coal arrangement between the mine and the power plant. The terms assure the […]

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IEEFA U.S.: PacifiCorp’s transition to renewables and battery storage sets a new industry pace

Forward-looking template is one that lagging utilities like Duke Energy and Southern Company can follow

PacifiCorp’s announcement last week that it will build thousands of megawatts of new wind, solar and battery storage capacity in its transition away from coal will reshape electricity markets across the West over the next 10 years. Its impact will be felt nationally, too, perhaps nowhere as much as in the Southeast. The reason behind […]

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PacifiCorp plans to speed coal plant closures, build significant new wind, solar and storage capacity

Greentech Media: For the first time, Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain utility PacifiCorp is planning to rely on massive amounts of solar PV and batteries, as well as wind power, for a large share of its long-term energy needs. The company also wants to shut down economically struggling coal plants years earlier than scheduled. The […]

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New modeling, same results: PacifiCorp says coal plant closures in Wyoming will save millions

Casper Star Tribune: Accelerating the retirement of multiple Wyoming coal-fired power plants could lead to hefty cost savings, according to initial results revealed by the state’s largest utility last week. Several draft power plans presented by PacifiCorp to stakeholders last week mapped out an ominous prognosis for the state’s coal economy. “The preferred portfolio will […]

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PacifiCorp Foote Creek project shows wind industry’s huge strides: Same power output, 80% fewer turbines

Associated Press: Bigger, more efficient equipment will allow an electric utility to redevelop Wyoming’s first commercial wind farm so it produces the same amount of power with far fewer turbines, an example of the growing feasibility of renewable energy in the top U.S. coal-mining state. Portland, Oregon-based PacifiCorp plans to replace 68 wind turbines at […]

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IEEFA U.S.: Solar-plus-storage is undermining the economics of existing coal-fired generation

IEEFA U.S.: Solar-plus-storage is undermining the economics of existing coal-fired generation

Utilities see potential in a money-saving shift

A harsh new reality is undermining the U.S. coal-fired electricity sector: Cleaner generation by way of utility-scale solar backed with storage is an increasingly cheaper option for utility companies than continuing to operate aging coal plants. The most recent—and perhaps most detailed—example of this new paradigm can be seen in ongoing long-term resource planning by […]

IEEFA U.S.: Cloud Peak bankruptcy reflects the coal industry’s slippery slope

IEEFA U.S.: Cloud Peak bankruptcy reflects the coal industry’s slippery slope

Transition is gaining momentum and driving market change

In yet another sign of steep decline and restructuring across the coal sector, Cloud Peak Energy, the fourth-largest U.S. coal mining company in 2018, filed for bankruptcy on May 10. It is the second major coal producer to do so in less than a year, following Westmoreland Coal, which was the 10th-largest U.S. coal producer […]