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IEEFA U.S.: A bankruptcy exception that proves the solar success rule

Government-funded innovation drove competition between technologies that accelerated a boom in renewable energy

In the rush among rival pharmaceutical companies to create an antidote to the COVID-19 virus, one, or some, will probably succeed. Many won’t.  That’s how competition works—why there’s Netflix now and not Blockbuster, the iPhone and not the Blackberry, Amazon and not Sears.  It happens in any industry—renewable energy included—innovation leading to more innovation, one […]

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Lazard: Renewables at an ‘inflection point,’ with new solar, wind cheaper than existing coal

Engineering News: A new US study comparing the costs of energy from various generation technologies indicates that an “inflection point” has been reached where, in some cases, it is more cost effective to build and operate new renewable-energy projects than to maintain existing conventional generation plants. The finding is contained in Lazard’s latest ‘Levelized Cost […]

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Economics of Navajo Plant Undercut by Steady, Low Natural Gas Prices

The Republic: Two investment firms are considering a joint purchase of the Navajo Generating Station coal-fired power plant near Page, but time is running out to strike a deal. The power plant is scheduled to close in December 2019, which also will prompt the closure of the Kayenta Mine about 80 miles away. Peabody Energy […]

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IEEFA Update: Lazard Risks Its Reputation by Working With Peabody

‘Cynical Approach in Illinois Is Now Being Repeated in Its Dealings With the Navajo Nation in Arizona’

April 27, 2018 (IEEFA) — A well-known New York investment banking firm is putting its reputation at stake by working with Peabody Energy to keep a failing coal-fired Arizona power plant alive, concludes a letter published today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. The letter, addressed to Kenneth M. Jacobs, chairman and […]

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