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IEEFA Report: Winners and Losers Among Big Utilities as Renewables Disrupt Markets Across Asia, Europe, the U.S., and Africa
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IEEFA Report: Winners and Losers Among Big Utilities as Renewables Disrupt Markets Across Asia, Europe, the U.S., and Africa

Leaders and Laggards Emerge; US$185 Billion in Lost Shareholder Value Seen Among Utilities Failing to Keep Pace; Solar and Wind Generation ‘Can Now Consistently Outbid Fossil-Fuel-Based Generation’

Oct. 4, 2017 (IEEFA) — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) published a report today that describes how the rise of renewable energy is disrupting electricity markets worldwide. The report, “Global Electricity Utilities in Transition: Leaders and Laggards: 11 Case Studies,” documents a pace of change in Asia, Europe, the Americas and […]

Australia Scales Down China Shenhua’s Expansion Plans

Rod McGuirk for the Associated Press: A state government said on Wednesday it would buy back most of a Chinese mining company’s coal exploration license for 262 million Australian dollars ($201 million) to help protect some of Australia’s most fertile farmland. The New South Wales state government said it would buy back 51.4 percent of […]

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‘Shenhua buy back made easier by kill clause’

Jamieson Murphy for the Northern Daily Leader: BARGAINING POWER: The government is negotiating to get the Exploration Licence (black dotted line) to hug the project boundary (red line), but experts believe Shenhua may be open to a total buy back. WITH the kill clause in Shenhua’s contract fast approaching, the state government is in a powerful, but delicate, […]

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IEEFA Asia: In Shenhua Data, Evidence of a Changing Economy in China

Rapid Diversification Away From Coal

We’ve just posted a research memo detailing the latest information out of China Shenhua Energy Company, encompassing a trove of data that provides key information on the Chinese coal and electricity sectors—and on expectations looking forward. What the Shenhua snapshot tells us, in summary, is that the Chinese electricity sector is rapidly diversifying away from […]

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New China Data Shows How the Coal Export Industry Is at Risk

Gloomy News for Exporters That Have Bet Heavily on Asia

Statistics for the first six months of the year released this week by China’s National Energy Administration show the continuation of a major electricity sector transformation, with profound ramifications for the coal export industry. While China’s electricity demand grew by 1.3 percent year over year from June through January, its coal consumption dropped by 5 […]

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