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Brazil wind capacity hits 20 gigawatts, enough for 20 million people

Wind Power Monthly:

Brazil brought nearly 50MW of new wind capacity online over the weekend, pushing the country over the 20GW mark of operational capacity, according to the country’s energy regulator, Aneel. 

This delivers enough energy to meet the demands of more than 20 million people, the agency said. 

Wind energy now represents the third largest source of electricity generation in Brazil, with more than 750 wind farms in operation and more than 10,000 wind turbines turning. 

The north-eastern region produced the most wind energy. It hosts around 90% of installed capacity. 

Aneel said the energy auctions it has promoted over the past ten years have driven wind capacity growth. Until 2013, Brazil only had 2GW of operational wind capacity.

[Nadia Weekes]

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