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Boundary Dam carbon capture fell last year to lowest levels since 2015

S&P Capital IQ ($):

The longest-running and world’s only operating commercial carbon capture facility at a coal-fired power plant struggled with mechanical failures in 2021 that idled the equipment at Saskatchewan Power Corp.’s Boundary Dam plant for weeks at a time.

Joel Cherry, a spokesman for the utility based in Regina, Saskatchewan, said Jan. 5 that the company has been working hard to improve the plant’s reliability. SaskPower, the name under which the state-owned power company operates, is conducting an “in-depth analysis” to better manage the plant’s operational risks going forward, Cherry said.

The seven-year-old facility’s carbon capture rate in 2021 was less than 37% of the official target of 90%. In all, the plant’s Unit 3 carbon capture equipment prevented 442,126 tonnes of carbon from being spewed into the atmosphere over the past 12 months. That is less than half of the 1 million tonnes the Boundary Dam Power Station is capable of catching and processing annually for enhanced oil recovery in nearby production fields.

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