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Biden administration silent on future of National Coal Council

Hellenic Shipping News:

A nearly 40-year-old coal advisory council to the U.S. federal government will cease to exist as of Nov. 20 if the Department of Energy does not take action — and the agency has been silent on the body’s fate.

Congressional Republicans sounded the alarm on the potential loss of the charter with a letter in October proclaiming the need to preserve the volunteer group. The council, founded in 1984, advises the Secretary of Energy on federal policies that affect coal production, marketing and use.

Environmental groups have long criticized the council, whose members are largely representatives from coal miners and associated sectors, for favoring the industry. For President Joe Biden, fresh off of international climate talks in Scotland, the lapsing of the National Coal Council’s charter may be an opportunity to signal to climate hawks his desire to evict coal, a fuel with high greenhouse gas emissions, from the U.S. power system.

The DOE declined to comment.

Randall Atkins, the CEO of metallurgical coal producer Ramaco Resources Inc. and Ramaco Carbon LLC, currently serves as the NCC chairman. Atkins confirmed there was a lack of clarity around the renewal of the charter via email.

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