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Energy Economist, Lead India Vibhuti Garg has over 16 years of experience in the energy sector. Her work includes promoting sustainable development through influencing policy intervention on energy pricing, subsidy reforms, enhancing clean energy access, access to capital and increasing private participation.

IEEFA Update: Is India ready to compete with China in solar module production?

With the right government support measures, India could hold its own against China in solar module production

India was one of the largest exporters of best-in-class modules until 2011. In order to boost domestic manufacturing, the Indian government initiated various policy measures like the National Solar Mission in 2010 and the Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (MSIPS) in 2012. To lend further assistance to the stressed sector, the government introduced certain measures […]

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IEEFA: India could compete against China in solar module production with the right government support

The focus should be on helping manufacturers become globally competitive

7 January 2021 (IEEFA India): Although one of the top 10 solar module producers in the world, India is lagging behind its biggest competitor China, finds a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and JMK Research. The report, Viability Assessment of New Domestic Solar Module Manufacturing Units, finds current production capacity in […]

IEEFA: Increasing competition in India’s intra-state transmission sector will drive renewables progress

Intra-state transmission infrastructure is the weakest link in the grid

16 December 2020 (IEEFA India): A new IEEFA report recommends increasing competition in the development of intra-state transmission infrastructure, to speed up deployment of renewable energy in India. “As the share of increasingly low cost but variable renewable energy grows, development of transmission systems must keep pace to meet demand and ensure efficient, reliable delivery […]

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IEEFA: India’s new record-low solar power tariff demonstrates investor confidence despite the pandemic

What drove the aggressive winning bid of Rs2/kWh ($0.027/kWh) in a recent solar PV auction?

India set a new record low tariff of Rs2/kWh ($0.027/kWh) in the recent Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) auction on 23 November 2020. The tariff based bidding was conducted for selection of solar power developers to set up 1,070 megawatts (MW) of grid-connected solar PV projects on a “build-own-operate” (BOO) basis in Rajasthan (Tranche-III). […]

IEEFA: Renewable energy must play a greater role in economic recovery from COVID-19

Data indicates stimulus funding will have a net negative environmental impact

As the world grapples with the tragic health and economic consequences of COVID-19, governments have responded with a range of massive fiscal interventions. But while there is much talk of a ‘green recovery’, many governments are in fact prioritising environmentally unfriendly stimulus measures. The Indian government needs to build in green recovery-oriented measures to deal […]

IEEFA: India’s new green term-ahead market will boost trading of renewables

Renewable energy generators and distribution companies will benefit from participating in the short-term power market

The start of trading on 21 August 2020 of Green Term-Ahead Market (GTAM) contracts on the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) platform marked a significant milestone in India’s transition to renewable energy. By August 2020, India had 88 gigawatts (GW) of installed renewable energy capacity. In the pipeline, as of June 2020, there was 47GW of […]

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IEEFA: Wind-solar hybrid systems can power India’s next wave of renewables growth

Hybrid generation can produce consistent power at competitive tariffs

8 October 2020 (IEEFA) ‒ India’s total wind-solar hybrid capacity is expected to grow rapidly to reach nearly 11.7 gigawatts (GW) by 2023, according to a new report by IEEFA and JMK Research. “This is a new and fast-growing market in India,” say the report’s authors Vibhuti Garg, energy economist at the Institute for Energy […]

IEEFA India: Interpreting solar tariff trends

Implications of low bids for future growth

This Q&A first appeared in RenewableWatch Solar energy tariffs have witnessed a gradual decline over the years in India and globally. A recent auction for 2 gigawatts (GW) of solar projects conducted by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) witnessed a record-low tariff of Rs 2.36 per kWh. At the same time, the world’s […]

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IEEFA: India should deepen its short-term power market to enhance price transparency and competitiveness

A national pool real-time market will boost renewable energy deployment

24 September 2020 (IEEFA India): A transition towards more national trading of electricity in real-time could help India’s power sector achieve competitive price discovery, reduce costs for consumers and accelerate the shift to a renewables-based system, according to a new briefing note by IEEFA. “While long-term contracts should remain the dominant procurement model in India, […]

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IEEFA India: How state governments can manage mounting power distribution sector debts

Discoms’ losses pose fiscal risk to states

10 September 2020 (IEEFA India) ‒ State governments should be made responsible for improving the finances of their struggling power distribution companies (discoms), which continue to incur huge losses, according to a briefing note prepared by IEEFA for the Fifteenth Finance Commission of India. The financial distress of the state-owned discoms has led to major […]