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Former IEEFA Director of Energy Policy, Australasia, Timothy King is a former managing director and head of company research at Deutsche Bank AG, Australia and New Zealand. He has over 20 years financial markets experience.

Australia’s East Coast Electricity Grid Is Over-Dependent on Sub-Critical Coal and in Need of Reform

A report we’ve published today Sub-Critical Australia: Risks From Imbalance in the Australian National Electricity Market,” concludes that Australia’s outdated east coast electricity grid (NEM) is over-reliant on sub-critical generation and in need of modernizing. Our research shows that the National Electricity Market (NEM) in Australia is dominated by sub-critical electricity generators that are in […]

New IEEFA Report: ‘Sub-Critical Australia’ East Coast Grid Needs an Electricity Market Plan

SYDNEY 17 May 2016 ( – Australia’s east coast electricity market currently faces a disorderly transition resulting in the potential for black-outs and poor social and environmental outcomes, according to ‘Sub-Critical Australia,’ a new report released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). According to the report, Australia’s National Energy Market […]

By Keeping Old Coal-Fired Plants Online, Australian Utilities Avoid Remediation Costs

Outdated Policies Are Allowing Outdated Generators to Continue to Operate

The Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) had approximately 7,600 megawatts of excess capacity in its system this past June, a bellwether month. That excess and untapped capacity represented about 16 percent of total capacity across a system that provides electricity to 19 million Australians, more than 80 percent of the population. Such excess electricity-generation capacity […]

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South Australia Update: How Electricity Storage Will Help Drive Transition

Technology Is Answering the Reliability and Energy Security Questions

South Australia stands at the forefront of the renewable energy transition, as we reported a few weeks ago and that we’re back with an update on today. For evidence of the change, look no further than how the state’s installed capacity of renewable generation consistently exceeds electricity demand. Residential rooftop solar will soon reach 28 […]

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A Case Study in Energy-Transition Momentum

A Striking, and Unmistakable, Trend Down Under

South Australia is clearly at the forefront of the global energy transition as it establishes a fast-moving model other economies can follow. The data is striking and the trend is unmistakable.     The installed capacity of renewable generation in the state consistently exceeds electricity demand already, according to data from the Australian Energy Market […]

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How ‘Gold-Plating’ the Australian Electricity Grid Is Killing Off Coal-Fired Generation

High Prices Will Continue to Drive Consumers to Alternative Sources

A startling decoupling of grid-supplied electricity and economic growth has occurred in Australia over the past few years. Since peaking in 2009, electricity demand in the Australian National Electricity Market has fallen by 7.5 percent while Australian GDP has expanded by about 16 percent. What this goes to show is that economic growth can—and has—proceeded […]

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The Australian National Electricity Market: Old, Oversupplied and Vulnerable

Regulators Should Be Planning Now for a Wave of Coal-Fired Plant Closings

The coal-fired energy industry in Australia is an especially dirty form of electricity generation, and is well past its prime by industry technology standards. Some background: The Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) is the wholesale electricity spot market through which generators and retailers trade electricity. It is run by the Australian Energy Market Operator, and […]

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