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Director Energy Finance Studies, Australia/South Asia, Tim Buckley has 25 years of financial markets experience, specializing in equity valuation, including as a top-rated analyst and as co-founder and managing director of Arkx Investment Management.

IEEFA Australia: Snowy Hydro gas plant expansions likely to be fuelled with taxpayer funds

Gas is a poor bet, and coupled with the financially challenged Snowy Hydro 2.0, is a sure stranded asset maker

19 November 2020 (IEEFA Australia): Careful scrutiny of Snowy Hydro’s latest financial results show the company is heading towards an uneasy reliance on government and taxpayer subsidies post 2021, throwing into serious doubt the government’s heady push for further gas expansion in a declining market, finds a new briefing note by the Institute for Energy […]

IEEFA: As owner of India’s most valuable energy company, the Adani Group should lead the country’s energy strategy

Adani Green Energy’s market value is now 40% more than NTPC’s, but the wider group faces a growing ESG risk

11 November 2020 (IEEFA India): A new IEEFA report identifies the opportunity for the Adani Group to lead Indian energy strategy by further aligning itself with the government’s vision for energy independence and fast-growing reliance on renewables. “The soaring value of Adani Green Energy is a clear indication of where the market, and this group, are […]

IEEFA: Why 2020 is turning out be a pivotal year for fossil fuel exits

The writing is on the wall for coal, and now globally significant financial institutions are starting to shun high risk oil and gas projects

What started as a trickle is turning into a rush for the exit as countries, financial institutions and companies commit to quitting coal – and increasingly oil and gas as well. 2020 to-date has seen 56 global banks, insurers, pension funds and asset managers announce new or expanded coal exit policies – 143 globally significant […]

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IEEFA Update: Financial retreat from oil and gas tracked

50 significant global financial banks, insurers, pension funds and asset managers are exiting oil sands and/or arctic drilling

To date, 50 significant global financial institutions have announced exits from their investments in oil and gas, with 23 major players beating a path to the exit this year alone. IEEFA has been tracking this retreat and early trends show a similar pattern to global finance’s ongoing retreat from coal. Last week three of Asia’s […]

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IEEFA: From zero to fifty, global financial corporations get cracking on major oil/gas lending exits

Accelerating divestment from oil and gas shows similar early trends to global financial institution’s exit from coal

20 October 2020 (IEEFA): Fifty globally significant financial institutions have introduced policies restricting oil sands and/or oil and gas drilling in the Arctic including 23 to date this year, highlighting global capital continues to flee fossil fuels, according to a new tracker developed by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). “Momentum is […]

IEEFA India: How state governments can manage mounting power distribution sector debts

Discoms’ losses pose fiscal risk to states

10 September 2020 (IEEFA India) ‒ State governments should be made responsible for improving the finances of their struggling power distribution companies (discoms), which continue to incur huge losses, according to a briefing note prepared by IEEFA for the Fifteenth Finance Commission of India. The financial distress of the state-owned discoms has led to major […]

IEEFA: Southeast Asian banks need to reduce coal risks

More than 138 major financial institutions have exited coal

As the economic crisis linked to COVID-19 grips the world, banks, insurers and asset managers have even more reasons to exit from the riskiest investments in fossil fuels – starting with thermal coal mining and coal power plants. The shift away from excessive reliance on coal power has continued at pace, despite the pandemic, and […]

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IEEFA Report: BHP coal assets worth a billion less than just two years ago

Jumping Ship?

8 August 2020 (IEEFA Australia): Another global investor, the UK’s biggest public pension fund NEST, has withdrawn funds from BHP this week because the company is profiting “from digging coal”. This follows BHP being put on a watch list by the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund as a firm not adopting business strategies aligned with the […]

IEEFA update: No foreign players will bid in India’s auction of coal blocks

New Delhi’s move to open up coal mining is too late to attract global investors

India’s Union government has opened 41 coal blocks for commercial mining under the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, a self-reliance program. This measure aims to allow private players to mine coal commercially as part of its effort to cushion the impact of COVID-19. Tim Buckley, IEEFA’s Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australia/South Asia, discussed the plan   […]

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IEEFA Australia: Coal lobbyists claim commitment to Paris Agreement targets, five years after their members did

Lobbyists push “emissions-friendly automation” and super-expensive coal CCS as solutions

Coal lobbyists from the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) have released their new Paris Agreement Alignment policy. This is their latest figleaf to reference climate science even as they continue to advocate for delay and obfuscation. In their support, the Queensland Resources Council’s (QRC) coal lobbyists continue to trumpet Queensland coal as the ‘cleanest’ in […]

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