IEEFA Energy Finance 2017 Conference

IEEFA Conference: Long Odds for U.S. Coal; Transition in Europe

‘We Live in a Time of Energy-consumption Choices, and Consumers Want Clean Energy'

The U.S. coal industry faces long odds against recovery, said panel members today at IEEFA’s Energy Finance 2017 conference in New York. Sheldon Stone, a partner at Amherst Partners in Detroit who specializes in bankruptcy cases, said bankruptcy-recovery plans filed by the likes of Peabody Energy and Alpha Natural Resources will in all likelihood fail. […]

IEEFA Conference: China and India Are at the Vanguard of the Global Electricity-Generation Transition

The World’s Two Most Populous Countries Are Embracing Renewables

China’s declining reliance on coal will very likely continue as a result of central-government policies aimed at expanding the country’s move toward cleaner fuels. Panelists at IEEFA’s Energy Finance 2017 conference in New York today said financiers and energy companies alike will be encouraged to keep coal-fired electricity generation from growing—and indeed to push its […]

IEEFA Conference: Market Change Has Momentum

‘We WILL Price Emissions and We WILL Move to a Low-Carbon Economy’

IEEFA’s three-day Energy Finance 2017 Conference in New York began Tuesday with opening remarks that framed the global energy transition in terms of market-driven realities with momentum that will overcome status-quo opposition. “We will price emission and we will move to a low-carbon economy,” said Bob Litterman a founder of Kepos Capital and a former […]