Guest Contributor: Ross Macfarlane

Ross Macfarlane is a senior advisor for business partnerships at Climate Solutions, a nonprofit group in Washington and Oregon that promotes practical and profitable energy markets.

Arch Coal Falters, and So Do Its Hopes for an Export Terminal in the Pacific Northwest

The Markets Speak, and Say Little in Support of Industry Dreams of Finding a Lifeline to Asia

The odds that the proposed Millenium coal-terminal expansion in Longview, Wash., will ever happen are plummeting right alongside Arch Coal’s fortunes. Arch, which co-owns the project with a marginally capitalized partner that used to be called Ambre Energy North America, is in a “death spiral,” fighting for survival alongside every other U.S. coal producer as […]

In Northwest U.S., Desperate Times for U.S. Coal Mean Desperate Port Proposals

It’s a spectacularly atrocious time for U.S. coal companies. Demand for coal domestically is not what it was—and will never be what it was—so producers have cast their gaze abroad, where they hope Asian markets respond as domestic ones fail. It’s a long shot, though, because there’s too much supply and too little demand, and […]