Guest Contributor: Peter Milne

IEEFA: Competitive renewables wipe decades off economic life of Australia’s longest gas pipeline

In a decarbonising world, long-term gas infrastructure investments are looking riskier and shorter term

Economic regulators in Western Australia are grappling with what to do with a gas pipeline that faces the prospect of its economics failing before the steel and compressors. A recent regulatory skirmish over the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP) finished in a draw, but the fight revealed cracks in the business case for […]

IEEFA: Australia’s US$40.5 billion clean up bill for its offshore oil and gas industry

Much of the cost will fall on the Australian government via the tax system

Australia’s US$40.5 billion clean up bill for offshore oil and gas wells and facilities will cost US$40.5 billion, with half of the work starting this decade, according to a report produced with the support of major Australian operators. Equipment to be removed includes 57 platforms with a total weight of 755,000 tonnes, equivalent to the […]