Guest Contributor: Gerard Reid

IEEFA update: Five reasons why now is a good time for a fee on carbon emissions

Dividends can benefit consumers while building momentum towards renewables

A world emerging from economic lockdown can seize the opportunity to return to growth on a sustainable path, by introducing a carbon fee that will motivate badly needed investments in clean infrastructure, provide regulatory security to investors and businesses, and create a wave of entrepreneurship that will be good for the economy and the environment.  […]

IEEFA Guest Commentary: Solar’s Expanding Role in the Global 21st-Century Economy

Fossil Fuels Are Being Usurped by Renewables

When we talk about energy today,we first think perhaps of oil, then coal and gas. Increasingly, however, people are mentioning solar, which makes sense, given that nearly all our planet’s energy needs are already met either indirectly or directly by the sun. Plants depend on sunlight for their energy needs and in fact we would […]