Guest Contributor: Gerard Kreeft

IEEFA Africa: Is Angola a cautionary tale for Guyana’s oil wealth hopes?

After 25 years of deepwater drilling, African nation sinks $76B deeper in debt

The  South American country of Guyana, the latest nation to have discovered commercial reserves of oil and gas, hopes to raise its standard of living, cut its debt, eliminate its deficit and create a sovereign wealth fund. It is in a weak position to accomplish these goals.  Consider the example of Angola, which has hosted […]

IEEFA: Is oil giant Total an emerging leader of the energy transition?

Shows how to pivot from an oil company to an energy company

Last summer, French oil and gas giant Total SE announced a $7 billion impairment charge for two Canadian oil sands projects. This might have seemed like an innocuous move, merely an acknowledgement that the projects hadn’t worked out as planned.  Yet it opened a Pandora’s box that could change the way the industry thinks about […]