Guest Contributor: Abhinav Jindal

Abhinav Jindal is a PhD Scholar in Economics at Indian Institute of Management, Indore and is working as Senior Manager (Commercial), NTPC Ltd. He was over 16 years’ experience in various areas related with economic and commercial related aspects of Indian power sector. He is a recipient of Karamveer Chakra Puraskar 2012 and REX Karamveer Fellowship 2012.

IEEFA: Deploying batteries at scale in the Indian power sector

A case for battery targets complemented with discom-controlled dispatch

India needs to deploy batteries at scale in the power sector. The country envisages uptake of 450 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy capacity by 2030. The high penetration of intermittent renewable energy will bring up issues around managing system flexibility in terms of steeper ramps and peaking load requirements. In India, system flexibility has historically […]

IEEFA: India may face unbudgeted energy transition risk of nearly $9 billion

Fault lines revealed in coal-dominated state Indian enterprises’ response to energy transition risk

India is at the forefront of new global energy trends with renewable energy generation continuing to replace coal-based power. Since 2017, renewable energy has outpaced coal capacity additions by more than two to one (Figure 1). This trend is expected to continue going forward to expand to almost 100% of net new capacity as and […]

IEEFA: Repurposing coal plants into solar and battery can pay up to 5 times more than decommissioning

An economic proposition for coal dominant developing countries

Worldwide, coal plants are grappling with environmental issues and low capacity utilization levels. They have not only become unprofitable to utilities, they are also uneconomical to customers. While retiring end-of-life coal plants can overall be very beneficial, and indeed necessary as finance continues to exit the fossil fuel sector driven by the global energy transition, […]