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Former IEEFA Energy Finance Consultant Gerard Wynn is a U.K.-based 10-year veteran of energy and economics reporting at the Thomson Reuters News Agency and has authored numerous papers on energy issues ranging from solar power in Great Britain to coal-burning in China and India. He blogs at

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IEEFA report: Poland’s PGE must invest in renewables to replace declining coal profits

Window is closing for Poland’s biggest utility to make a course correction

LONDON (IEEFA) February 12  – Poland’s majority state-owned electric utility, Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. (PGE), one of Europe’s most coal-intensive energy companies, must invest urgently today to decarbonise its electricity generation, to replace declining profits from coal power plants through the 2020s, finds a report released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial […]

IEEFA report: Turkey turns to solar power to boost energy independence

With additional incentives, payback periods for rooftop solar installations can be reduced to 7 years today and 2 years by 2030

December 19, 2019 (London/Istanbul IEEFA) – Turkey can build on a new support scheme for solar power by providing further incentives that would reduce payback periods to less than seven years now, and two years by 2030, according to a report released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). Turkey has […]

IEEFA report: Bundling rooftop solar, storage and an electric vehicle becoming cheaper in Australia

By 2024, cheaper for Australian households to invest in solar, storage and an EV in combination, than in solar alone

A new IEEFA report suggests Australia is on the cusp of another solar revolution. Australia has one of the world’s – if not the world’s highest – uptake of rooftop solar. The country also has one of the world’s lowest developed country uptakes of electric vehicles, which can be charged from rooftop solar. In 2018, […]

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IEEFA report: Solar potential in Australia warrants investing in electric vehicle market

Abundant resources and lower costs bode well for wider electric vehicle use

December 12, 2019 (IEEFA) – Australia has great potential to capitalize on its exceptional solar resources and save people big dollars by driving growth in electric vehicles powered by residential rooftop solar and batteries, according to a report released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). The report, Steering by the […]

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IEEFA Europe: World Bank says renewable energy, efficiency are Kosovo’s least-cost electricity options

Report undercuts push for investing in expensive new coal plant

The Balkan republic of Kosovo can meet its future electricity needs at least cost by scaling up its renewable energy resources, investing in energy efficiency and cleaning up the country’s existing coal generation, according to an unpublished World Bank study, which reveals why the bank last year withdrew support for a new coal-fired power plant. […]

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IEEFA Europe: Looming EU anti-pollution standards undercut recent coal investments

Rising carbon prices, falling renewable costs argue for closing coal plants, not retrofitting them

New anti-pollution standards in the European Union that take effect in 2021 are highlighting how cheap coal power plants are no longer an opportunity for buyers to make a quick buck, or grow market share, putting pressure on selling utilities and their investors to close them instead. The business models of two Czech-based firms, Sev.en […]

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IEEFA update: New renewable energy projects undercut business case for coal in Kosovo

Support from European development bank playing a key role in changing economics

New deals to develop wind and solar power in Kosovo are likely to kill off any remaining business case for new coal, already on the brink of collapse after the World Bank withdrew from financing a proposed new plant in October last year. The World Bank at the time proposed a package of less polluting, […]

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IEEFA update: Poland faces urgent energy choices as the clock ticks on Bełchatów coal plant

Government decision to slow Złoczew mine plan indicates possible course correction

Poland’s Parliament this week postponed considering a draft mining law aimed at fast-tracking new coal mines, putting pressure on the country’s biggest electric utility, PGE, and the Polish government to prepare for the gradual closure of Bełchatów, Europe’s largest coal-fired power plant. To date, the owner-operator of the Bełchatów power plant, majority state-owned PGE, has […]

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IEEFA update: Poland’s PGE should ditch plans for new lignite mine

Utility’s investment in coal poses financial, environmental and social risks

October 8, 2019 (WARSAW) ‒ PGE, Poland’s biggest electric utility, one of the most coal- and carbon-intensive energy companies in Europe, risks prolonging serious, recent financial under-performance, if it endorses a forthcoming strategy that continues to support coal, gas and a new lignite mine, delaying the replacement of fossil fuels with renewables, according to a […]

IEEFA update: Poland’s PGE utility delays energy transition

Renewables five years away while new coal and lignite expand

September 26, 2019 (IEEFA Europe) ‒ Poland’s biggest electric utility, PGE, one of the world’s most coal-intensive energy companies, is delaying a transition to renewables even as the financial performance of its coal, gas and lignite deteriorates. Majority state-owned PGE describes itself as a company in transition, but at present it is doubling down on […]

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