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Financial Consultant Deborah Lawrence works on the U.S. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, has served on the Advisory Council of the Dallas Fed and the working group for the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook, and is founder of Energy Policy Forum.

What’s Driving the Renewables Revolution: No Fuel Costs

Investment Appeal That Is Only Beginning to Shine

iRenewable energy is sometimes the subject of emotional debate — and the target of both fierce oppositional diatribes and quiet campaigns to craft regulations that discourage it. Common rants against renewables include warnings of unreliability and intermittency, harangues against grid “free-loaders” who put solar panels on their houses and the purported aesthetic horrors of wind […]

Teck Resources: Rough Road on Oil Sands Investments

Teck Resources_Rough Road on Oil Sands Investments_April 2015 By Tom Sanzillo and Deborah Lawrence

Rethinking the Grid: Personal Power Stations, in Your Garage

Imagine That Instead of Myriad Electrical Wires Joining Our Houses We Lived Off Battery-Stored Solar Power … The electricity grid is an aging beast, but not so old that it’s frozen in time. The grid as we know it typically operates by tapping several different power sources and by keeping some back-up on the side […]

The ‘Shale Revolution’ Has Not Paid Investors Very Well

Given all the hype over the U.S. shale revolution, one would expect above-average share performance for shale operators. This has hardly been the case, however, with performance ranging for the most part from mediocre to abysmal. The revolution started of course with the vast Marcellus shale, which has been in the news most recently for […]

A Monumental Wealth-Creation Moment in Emerging-Market Wind and Solar

The way oil and gas companies tell it, their best days are still ahead of them thanks to fast-growing emerging economies with insatiable appetites for energy. The reality taking hold, however, shows an entirely different historical trend at work: Wind- and solar-powered sources today are providing a low-cost alternative to natural gas, coal and diesel […]

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The Solar Industry Is a Friend, Not a Frenemy

Oil can be both a job creator and a job destroyer. It’s the nature of a boom-and-bust beast, and lately the beast has been a destroyer. As tight oil production from shales has ramped up in a drilling frenzy over the past few years, U.S. oil has disrupted the global market pricing equilibrium and consequently […]

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The Peril in Shale-Producer Debt (CLR, DVN, PXD, RRC)

Everybody knows interest rates have been low for years now, and that they’re low because the Fed is keeping them there. The trend is exceptionally evident in the oil and gas industry, where overall debt has grown threefold since 2006. About 75 percent of the recent U.S. “shale revolution,” according to Standard & Poor’s, was […]

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Our Tar-Sands Outlook, Part 2: Weak Fundamentals

By DEBORAH ROGERS  The tar-sands industry faces numerous vulnerabilities, none of which appears insurmountable on its own. Taken as a whole, however, these vulnerabilities create a daunting constellation of risks, as we explained last week in a report we published. That report, which we published with Oil Change International, examined the top 10 large tar-sands […]

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