Anna Sommer

Anna Sommer is president of Sommer Energy, a utility-regulation consulting firm.

IEEFA report: Retail choice will not bring down Puerto Rico’s high electricity rates

Precedent from U.S. states shows retail choice increases costs to consumers; Opens door to predatory marketing

A research brief released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) lays out a cautionary tale to policy-makers in Puerto Rico, as they consider adopting a program known as retail choice in the island’s electricity market. Retail choice is a policy that allows individual customers to select who will supply their […]

IEEFA Puerto Rico: Assume That the $380 Million Aguirre Offshore Gasport Gets Project Financing …

Economic Risk, Environmental Risk, Public Health Risk ...

The proposed Aguirre Offshore Gasport is unlikely to qualify for financing, which—as we wrote here yesterday—means it is an unbankable project. But assume, against the odds, that the proposed $380 million Aguirre Offshore Gasport in Puerto Rico, does get project financing. What then? Cost overruns are likely, for one thing. The Puerto Rico Electric Power […]

IEEFA Puerto Rico: The Aguirre Offshore Gas Port Is Unbankable

PREPA Has No Viable Plan to Finance a $380 Million Project, Leaving Ratepayers to Absorb the Costs

At the heart of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s flawed plan to upgrade the island’s crumbling electricity system lies a proposed $380 million facility to bring imported liquefied natural gas into the commonwealth. PREPA, as the authority is known, has been promoting the project for years, even though it would mean a perpetuation of […]

Misguided Plan to Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Electric System Is Fraught With Risk and Cost

A Deeply Unimaginative Blueprint to Keep a U.S. Commonwealth Addicted to Imported Fuel

Puerto Rico’s sole electricity utility is proposing a plan to rebuild the island’s electricity system in a way that would continue its dependence on imported fossil fuels and require its customers to pay for over $1 billion worth of potentially unnecessary infrastructure. That’s the gist of comments we’ve filed with the Puerto Rico Electric Commission […]

IEEFA Questions PREPA’s ‘Misguided’ Electric Plan for Puerto Rico; Notes High Risks and Costs; Sees Perpetuation of Import Addiction

Call for Energy Independence in U.S. Commonwealth

‘Extraordinarily Short Shrift to the Potential for Renewable-Energy Development and for Energy-Efficiency Improvements’ CLEVELAND, May 2, 2016 (IEEFA) — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis has filed public comments recommending that the Puerto Rico Electric Commission reject the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s plan to rebuild the island’s electricity system. The comments, which […]

If Edwardsport Is the Future of Coal-Fired Power, It’s Not a Very Bright Future

Back in the early 2000s, integrated gasification combined cycle power plants—IGCC—were touted by proponents as the future of coal-fired electricity generation. The theory was that while IGCC would be more expensive to build than traditional coal plants, those costs would be offset by gains in efficiency and by IGCC’s purported advantage in capturing and sequestering […]

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How to Quash Energy Efficiency: Four Ways to Thwart Progress

Energy efficiency is a no-brainer. It’s cheaper than power generation of any kind, it’s clean, and it’s an economic stimulant in its own right. “Energy efficiency”—to put it in context—is any activity, policy or technology that results in less consumption while ensuring the same level of service. It’s hard not to like. Even so, it […]

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