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Australia rooftop solar hits 3 million installations nationwide


The scale of Australia’s rooftop solar revolution has been brought into sharp relief again this week, with the passing of yet another remarkable milestone: more than 3 million systems installed nationwide.

The impressive new achievement, notched up despite two years of Covid-19 market disruptions, was celebrated on Tuesday by key representatives of the industry as at least one way in which Australia is leading the world in the shift to zero emissions – a shift led by ordinary households.

It comes as federal energy minister Angus Taylor departs international climate talks in Glasgow, where Australia has achieved little more than three “fossil of the day” awards – a honour reserved for those countries seen to be “doing the most to do the least.”

But not at a household level. Just last week, Australia was recognised as the country with the most solar per capita in the world – nearly 1kW of panels for every one person – after a smashing year of uptake in 2020 pushed the total installed on the nation’s rooftops to 13GW and rising.

[Sophie Vorrath]

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