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Australia homes and businesses set rooftop solar install record in 2021

Renew Economy:

Australian homes and businesses installed a record amount of rooftop solar in 2021, just edging past the expected milestone of 3GW of new capacity added in one year, despite a second round of Covid 19 chaos and increasingly strong global solar market headwinds.

For Australia’s rooftop solar industry, the notorious solar coaster has been in full effect this year, with the ups and downs of pandemic-affected trading conditions and the twists and turns of multiple major supply-chain constraints.

Despite all of this, the latest data from industry analysts SunWiz finds the year ended strongly with 300MW of new rooftop systems (0-100kW) added in December, making it the second-largest month in the year.

However, the solar-coaster did take its toll, according to SunWiz managing director Warwick Johnston, who notes that 2021 was “the first year for a long time” in which the monthly volume didn’t reach record levels.

As the chart below illustrates, the small-scale PV market closed out the year just 10% ahead of 2020, marking the first year since 2016 that year-on-year growth was so low – thanks largely to slump in installs in the third quarter.

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