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Australia aluminum sector has potential to move to low-cost, zero-emission electricity


Australia’s aluminium sector could become the model for sustainable heavy industry by moving to low-cost, zero emission electricity and investing in plant modernisation.

Pro-renewables think tank the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) believes that not only is the cost of electricity a major obstacle to the industry’s global competitiveness, it is also one of the most emissions-intensive globally.

Focusing on the aluminium smelters in Gladstone, Queensland, the IEEFA noted in a new report “An Aluminium-Led Energy & Industry Renewal for Central Queensland” that with operators losing money and considering closure, some 4,500 jobs in the region could be under threat.

“This failure is linked to their enormous electricity demand which has historically been tied to Australia’s largely fossil fuel-based electricity generation,” report author Clark Butler said. 

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