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The Denver Post:

Having pledged to produce carbon-free electricity by 2050, Xcel Energy has a new goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions from its natural gas operations in the same timeframe.

Xcel Energy, the largest electric utility in Colorado, said Monday that the goal builds on its goal announced in 2018 to deliver carbon-free electricity by mid-century. The Minneapolis-based company aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including methane and carbon dioxide, from its natural gas business by 25% by 2030.

“It’s quite a transition for us as a company, in our clean energy leadership. One of the key corporate strategies for Xcel Energy is to lead the clean energy transition,” Bob Frenzel, the utility’s president and CEO, said in an interview.

While conservation groups commended Xcel Energy for setting a net-zero goal for emissions, they urged the company to be more ambitious in directly cutting emissions and to carefully account for reductions.

Xcel Energy, which operates in eight states, proposes a series of strategies for cutting greenhouse gas emissions from its natural gas operations. Frenzel said the company will continue to work to minimize the leaks from the pipelines and other infrastructure it uses to distribute natural gas.

[Judith Kohler]

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