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What is being claimed as the world’s biggest solar and storage project – a 300MW facility with 3.6GWh of storage – has been proposed for South Australia by the Dutch-based solar developer Photon Energy, using Australian technology developed by RayGen.

Photon said in a media release on Wednesday that it had secured 1,200 hectares of land for what it said would be the biggest solar and storage project in the world, beating the current biggest at the Ouarzazate solar thermal facility in Morocco.

It did not identify where the land was secured.

“We are very excited to be developing this innovative and globally significant solar energy storage project in South Australia,” said Michael Gartner, the chief technology officer of Photon Energy and head of its Australian operations.

“The enviable solar resource and need for energy storage due to high penetration of renewables in this region is a perfect match for RayGen’s technology.”

Of course, the Photon project won’t be the biggest solar and storage projects in the world if the Sun Cable project in the Northern Territory goes ahead. That project envisages up to 20GW of solar PV and up to 42GWh of battery storage.

[Giles Parkinson]

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