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Wind, solar met all South Australia power needs for 29 days in October

November 03, 2021


Wind and solar met 100 per cent of more of local demand in South Australia’s main grid in all but two days in the month of October, surely a new record for a gigawatt scale grid anywhere in the world.

The average share of wind and solar over October was 72 per cent, making a nonsense of claims – gladly echoed by anti-renewable ideologues and pro-nuclear activists – that no grid could possible support more than 50 per cent of variable renewable output.

South Australia is living proof that it can. Over the past year, it has averaged more than 62 per cent wind and solar, and the boost in October is seasonal, thanks to good wind, good sun, and mild weather that leads to moderate demand.

The state Liberal government has a goal of averaging 100 per cent wind and solar by 2030, and will very likely reach that benchmark a lot earlier, thanks to a new transmission link to NSW, the recent removal of many constraints on wind and solar farms, and the introduction of new storage and smart software.

In October, South Australia mostly reached periods of 100 per cent renewables through a combination of wind and solar.

[Giles Parkinson]

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