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Irish Examiner:

Record power generation from wind last month has led to renewed calls for an overhaul of the planning system for renewable energy projects.

New data shows that wind energy provided 32 per cent of Ireland's electricity in April, the most power ever provided by wind in the month of April and follows a strong first quarter where wind provided around 39 per cent of Ireland’s electricity.

Wind Energy Ireland, the representative body for the wind industry said the large volume of wind energy produced last month helped to push down the average wholesale price of electricity for the month of April to €218.26 from its record high in March. However, the figure is still a 155 per cent increase in prices from April 2021 which the group said highlights Ireland’s continued reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Global inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have seen wholesale gas and oil prices reach record levels this year impacting manufacturing, transport and households. Figures from the Central Statistics Office show wholesale electricity costs faced by businesses have trebled in the past year.

Ireland has set a target of generating 80% of electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind power by 2030. Wind generation from turbines on and off shore are seen as a key element towards reaching this goal.

[Alan Healy]

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