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Wind now bigger than coal in Texas

January 11, 2021

Financial Times ($):

Wind power surged past coal in Texas’ electricity mix for the first time in 2020, the latest sign of renewable energy’s rising prominence in America’s fossil fuel heartland.

Texas has been at the forefront of a surge in wind power construction across the US, pulling in tens of billions of dollars in capital investment over the past decade and rapidly expanding electricity generation from the fuel. Surging investment and job creation has helped the renewables sector win political backing in the state despite it being home to the country’s oil and gas sector. 

A number of Texas’ coal power plants have been retired in recent years, most recently American Electric Power’s Oklaunion facility in October. More could be forced out of business in the next couple of years as renewables capacity continues to muscle into the market, especially with solar power in the state now surging, argued a report last year from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

“Coal-fired power generation in Texas, pummeled by clean, no-fuel-cost wind over the past 10 years, is about to be hit by a second wave of competition from renewables,” the report’s authors said. 

[Justin Jacobs]

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