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Washington becomes next state to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035

August 29, 2022

The Guardian:

Washington state will follow California and prohibit the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035, Jay Inslee, the state governor, said.

California regulators on Thursday moved forward with a landmark plan to phase out the sale of gas cars over the next 13 years in the US’s largest auto market.

The new policy requires 100% of new sales of passenger cars, trucks and SUVs in the state to be powered by electricity or hydrogen by 2035, with one-fifth allowed to be plug-in hybrids.

The specific regulations for Washington state are yet to be created and the public will have the chance to weigh in, the Seattle Times reported.

Transportation-related emissions account for more than 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in Washington.

A state council, set up by Inslee to plan for the future of electric vehicles, held its first meeting in July. Members discussed building a network of fast-charging stations on state highways, said Anna Lising, senior climate adviser to Inslee. The effort will be helped by $71m from the federal government.

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