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Vermont utility plans to almost double grid-connected battery storage

September 30, 2022

Energy Storage News:

A planned increase in battery storage investments has been announced by Green Mountain Power, the Vermont utility which was first in the US to deploy Tesla Powerwalls in a virtual power plant (VPP).

Green Mountain Power said this week that it will up its deployment of grid-connected battery storage from an existing 30MW, comprising residential and large-scale systems, to 55MW.

The utility plans to install the additional 25MW in six communities in its service area within the next two years.

Its customers have already benefited from the existing storage plants’ ability to manage Green Mountain Power’s peak demand requirements, lowering network and energy costs as well as reducing carbon emissions for its customer base of just over a quarter of a million.

Green Mountain Power was in fact the first utility in the US to sell the first generation Tesla residential battery storage system when it was launched in 2015 before rolling out a VPP programme in 2017 to aggregate Powerwalls and leveraging the stored energy as capacity and playing it into wholesale markets.

[Andy Colthorpe]

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