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Vattenfall plans to re-use, recycle or recover used wind turbine blades

October 13, 2021

Vattenfall has committed to a landfill ban for end of life wind turbine blades.

Instead it will re-use, recycle or recover 100% of decommissioned wind turbine blades from owned wind farms. 

The Swedish developer is aiming for a 50% recycling rate of wind turbine blades by 2025 , rising to 100% by 2030   

It said that the next decade there will be an intense work increasing the recycling rate of wind blade components.

Vattenfall’s ambition is to enable a fossil-free living within one generation and one important element to deliver on this is a significant growth in wind energy.

To ensure this is done in a sustainable way, Vattenfall has a high focus on reducing environmental impacts and to handle all resources responsibly.

[Staff Report]

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