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Utility plans 240-megawatt battery project at solar farm in Chile

August 16, 2022

Energy Storage News:

Chilean utility Colbún has submitted plans for a solar-plus-storage project with a 1.2GWh battery energy storage system (BESS).

The company last week (8 August) submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to the Environmental Assessment Service of the northern region of Arica and Parinacota for the project, which it plans to build in the commune of Camarones.

The solar PV portion of the project, which is being called Celda Solar (Solar Cell), will comprise 700,000 bifacial modules totalling 421.9MW of power. The attached energy storage will be a 240MW, five-hour BESS meaning a total capacity of 1,200MWh, making it one of the largest single projects being planned in the country.

The 960-hectare site is part of a public land reserve owned by the state which has been earmarked for energy projects. The power from the project will be injected into the national grid through the Roncacho substation.

[Cameron Murray]

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