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After delays, the US Department of Energy has launched its first step towards creating a national database of hydrogen projects designed to help hydrogen companies attract federal dollars from within the infrastructure bill.

Originally announced in December, the H2 Matchmaker was designed by the DOE’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Office to gather information on planned or existing hydrogen-related projects, then present that information on an interactive map. Users will be able to see what hydrogen activities are occurring around them, as well as contact information of their hydrogen neighbors.

The database is intended to drive team-building between hydrogen companies – both on the demand side and supply side – so that co-located projects can collectively apply for hydrogen hub funding.

The H2 Matchmaker will rely on hydrogen producers, users or other stakeholders to self-identify and volunteer information about their operations. As a first step, the DOE released the H2 Matchmaker Self-Identification Form on its website Jan. 21.

Originally planned for release in December 2021, the project hit speedbumps that delayed release to this month, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Office said. The department said it did not have a precise idea of when it plans to publish the map.

[Brandon Mulder]

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