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Transformers overlooked but essential part of grid modernisation

March 12, 2021

Smart Energy International:

In the digital era, the world is increasingly dependent on advanced devices such as smartphones, laptops, and connected technology, all of which depend on one essential component; electricity. Power transformers are among the impactful components of a grid.

From facilitating lighting in residential applications to ensuring the function of devices and appliances in commercial settings, a constant and secure flow of electricity is a must. In 2019, electricity consumption was approximately 3.9 trillion kWh (kilowatt-hours) in the United States alone, according to the EIA.

Power transformers are large energy components required to transmit power from channelised sources to varying distribution channels. Electrical transformers take many different forms, in terms of type and size, based on the specific needs of output or various electronic devices.

Electric utilities are making investments by the millions each year, in order to replace and refurbish aging grid systems. For instance, according to IEEFA (Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis) estimates, in April 2019 India planned to invest over $250 billion towards grid modernisation and expansion, in order to facilitate easier green energy capacity uptake. 

[Hrishikesh Kadam]

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