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Renew Economy:

A “world first” super-hybrid green hydrogen project valued at up to $5.5 billion and combining massive wind and pumped hydro facilities and hydrogen technologies has been unveiled for central Queensland.

The Flavian super hybrid project is being proposed by Sunshine Hydro and Energy Estate and would potentially include 1.8GW of new wind generation and 600MW of pumped hydro with 18 hours of storage.

Together, these technologies would be able to provide a minimum “firm” 24/7 hour power of at least 220MW, and also provide excess power to the grid and power the various hydrogen technologies proposed as part of the project.

This would include 300MW of hydrogen electrolysers, 50MW of liquefaction, and a 50MW hydrogen fuel cell, and the ability to produce 65 tonnes of green hydrogen a day. Hydrogen transport and industry would be some of the end users.

The Flavian project would be located within the proposed Central Queensland Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) in the Gladstone-Bundaberg area, and could begin generating clean energy and producing green hydrogen by 2028 if it goes ahead.

[Joshua Hill]

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