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Statkraft plans 2 gigawatts of wind and solar in Germany

May 24, 2023

Statkraft plans to create 2000MW of wind and solar in Germany in 2030 and become one of the leading green hydrogen suppliers in the country. 

Against the backdrop of the ongoing energy crisis in Europe and advancing climate change, Statkraft said it is strategically well positioned to play a key role in shaping the necessary transformation of the German energy system.

Statkraft country manager in Germany Stefan-Jörg Göbel said: "Germany is facing the major challenge of massively accelerating the expansion of renewable energy - in order to achieve the climate targets and create a faster phase-out of fossil fuels. We can confront this challenge with very concrete solutions.

"We are building an organisation that will be able to develop and build around 300 to 500MW of wind and solar capacity in Germany every year from 2027."

This would be on top of its existing 1800MW flexible power plant portfolio.

Göbel said:"We are one of the most important companies for the energy transition with a unique combination of strength and flexibility.

"Our strong financial position is crucial on the way to becoming one of the global leaders in renewable energy.

"Statkraft’s ambition is to build 2500 to 3000MW per year, equivalent to one new power plant every ninth day from 2025."

[Staff Report]

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