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State regulators approve 250-megawatt wind farm in North Dakota

December 02, 2022


A $390 million wind farm is a ‘go’ in south central North Dakota.

The wind farm will consist of 74 turbines and generate 250 megawatts, which is enough to power 70,000 homes. And there was some disagreement amongst commissioners about whether to approve the project.

Commissioner Julie Fedorchak says she empathizes with representatives from the coal industry who testified in opposition to the siting application, especially as it relates to what she called the rapid pace of thermal retirements. However, she says the evidence they provided wasn’t specific to this project, and in fact the issues are beyond the purview of the PSC.

“Their concerns primarily involve policy decisions at the federal or multistate level creating an unfair marketplace. There was no hard evidence indicating what effect this particular project will have on the areas of concern,” said Julie Fedorchak.

[Joel Crane]

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