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Spain to install offshore wind with as much as 3GW capacity by 2030

July 08, 2021


Spain plans to install floating wind turbines on the deep waters off its coasts with capacity to generate between 1 and 3 gigawatts of power by 2030, its Energy and Environment Ministry said on Wednesday.

As part of a global shift away from carbon-emitting fossil fuels, governments and companies are seeking new ways to harness power generation from renewable energies like wind and solar.

Spain has one of the world’s largest onshore wind fleets, but its coastal waters are too deep to allow the installation of turbines that have allowed greater wind speeds and extra space to be exploited offshore in Britain and some other countries.

In recognition of the higher cost of building floating wind farms compared to the fixed variety which cannot be used in waters deeper than 50 metres, Spain would provide up to 200 million euros ($236 million) for research and development.

[Isla Binnie]

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