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South Australia solar switch-off in March sets disconcerting precedent

April 28, 2021

Renew Economy:

New measures giving energy authorities powers to remotely switch off solar panels without householders’ knowledge has set a worrying precedent.

Now state energy ministers are considering adopting a similar rule that would allow behind-the-meter appliances such as hot water systems, air conditioners, electric vehicle chargers and pool pumps to also be switched off.=

South Australia’s rooftop solar cut-off measure was used for the first time on 14 March 2021 affecting around 12,500 households in Adelaide.

When this cut-off occurred, solar households were not compensated, and everyone affected had to purchase electricity from the grid.

As our new IEEFA briefing note describes, it is a radical departure from the operation of the National Electricity Market (NEM) which has until this point not interfered in the running of behind-the-meter solar. 

[Gabrielle Kuiper and Steve Blume]

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