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New analysis by energy think tank Ember reveals that, for the first time, solar panels generated a tenth of EU-27 electricity during their peak months of June and July this year.

Solar panels generated 39 terawatt-hours in June-July 2021, up from 28TWh in the same period in 2018.

Eight EU countries set a new solar record share during the summer peak this year: Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

Seven EU countries generated over a tenth of their electricity from solar panels in June-July 2021, with the Netherlands (17%), Germany (17%), Spain (16%), Greece (13%) and Italy (13%) leading the way.

Hungary has quadrupled its solar share since June-July 2018, while the Netherlands and Spain have doubled.

Estonia and Poland have gone from near-zero solar in 2018 to 10% and 5% respectively in June-July 2021.

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