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Singh says India will exceed 33 percent carbon reduction goal by 2030

July 16, 2021

The Economic Times:

Union Minister R K Singh on Thursday exuded confidence that India will exceed its target of reducing carbon emission set for 2030 under the Paris agreement. Speaking at the inaugural session of the CII-organised Aatmanirbhar Bharat – Self-Reliance for Renewable Energy Manufacturing Conference, the Power, New and Renewable Energy Minister said that as per its commitment made in Paris, India has to reduce its carbon intensity to 33 per cent by 2030.

However, the way energy transition is taking place in India, “…in the matter of reducing the emission of Co2 will be much much beyond what India has pledged”, he added.

He further said that as per the Paris agreement, India has to produce 40 per cent electricity of its total capacity from non-fossil sources by 2030.

“We are already at 39 per cent and if you add the capacities under installation it’s already 48 per cent. We are way beyond our NDC (nationally determined contributions) pledges,” the minister said.

In his address, Singh expressed dissatisfaction over the approach of some nations towards pledges made under the Paris Agreement.

Without naming any country, he said there are countries whose per capita emissions are up to 9 times more than the global average, while India’s per capita carbon emission is just about one-third of the global average.


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