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Siemens launches recyclable blades for onshore wind projects

September 22, 2022

Siemens Gamesa has launched a recyclable blade for onshore wind power projects, increasing the circularity of the sector.

The Siemens Gamesa RecyclableBlade for offshore was brought to market in only 10 months, launched in September 2021 and installed at RWE’s Kaskasi project in Germany in July 2022.

The corresponding onshore solution is now ready for customers to employ at their onshore wind sites. Further development by Siemens Gamesa and partners ensure full compatibility with the product and process requirements for onshore blades.

The RecyclableBlade recovery process uses a mild acidic solution to separate the materials at the end of the wind turbine’s lifetime. Those materials can then be recycled for use in other industrial applications like construction, consumer goods, or the automotive industry.

Prior to the launch of the RecyclableBlade, blade recyclability was a tricky issue for the wind industry. The complex production process for blades, involving composite materials including resin, glass and carbon fibres, made disposal at the end of the wind turbine’s lifecycle challenging.

While around 85% of a wind turbine can be fully recycled, regretfully many blades were sent to landfill upon decommissioning.

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