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Renew Economy:

Australia’s biggest battery – the 300MW/450MWh Victoria Big Battery near Geelong – has been registered and is about to begin production, but a supply shortfall is looming for future battery storage projects in Australia and around the world.

The Victoria big battery will be about double the size of its stablemate, the original Tesla big battery at Hornsdale, which was once the biggest in the world and was recently expanded to 150MW/194MWh.

Both batteries are owned by French-based renewable and battery storage developer Neoen and both are ground-breaking in their own way because they changed, and will change, the thinking about how the grid is managed thanks to their speed and flexibility.

However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned that its flagship Megapack module has already been sold out to the end of 2022, and battery supplies were being hindered by the shortage of both battery cells and semi-conductor chips.

Musk says if the supply blockages are eased, production of Powerwalls could reach one million a year, or 20,000 a week, but demand was even more than that.

[Giles Parkinson]

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