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Energy Storage News:

A 25MW four-hour (100MWh) battery storage project has been connected to the grid by Arizona utility company Salt River Project (SRP).

SRP said last week that the project at its Bolster substation is currently the biggest standalone battery energy storage system (BESS) in the southwestern US state, sited adjacent to the utility’s 626MW Agua Fria Generating Station thermal power plant in the City of Peoria. 

Using Tesla Megapack BESS equipment, the batteries can be charged at off-peak times when power is cheaper and more plentiful, like night time or during times of surplus solar generation, and then discharged during peak periods to help meet customer demand. SRP said that while it doesn’t directly charge from renewable energy, as the amount of renewables on the utility’s networks increases, the amount of renewables integrated to the grid by the BESS can increase too. 

SRP serves about a million customers in the Phoenix metropolitan area and in May upped its commitment to renewables by setting a target of adding 2,025MW of new solar generation by 2025 but has more recently faced criticism for a proposal announced in September to invest US$1 billion in expanding one of its gas power plants.  

[Andy Colthorpe]

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